Why Python

In this post, I share what kept me away from programming and why I chose Python to resume from coding.

Why Python

Are you one of the below types of persons?

  • Waiting to start running until you buy a good shoe
  • Postponing the Yoga practice until buying a good Yoga mat
  • Don’t want to resume good habits on Mondays, because they are usually not the right day

Then, this article will make a lot more sense to you. Some of such excuses, that I used to procrastinate my programming journey are

  • Difficult to learn and use
  • Need to remember Syntax and rules
  • Compiling, interpreting, debugging phew!!
  • Developers are born not made

I needed a software that can break all these barriers and a purpose to initiate this journey

My purpose now is to live the life of a developer and the software that helped me to break all these barriers is PYTHON.

Why Python, there are many reasons from many people but my picks are

  • Easy to use
  • If you can work on the algorithm, you have almost got the code
  • Many inbuilt libraries available
  • Open Source.
  • No need to compile and run –It is an Interpreted language.
  • IDEs available to write and execute in easy User interface (I am using PyCharm).
  • Assistance on error (this is really a big relief, the errors are not just numbers 404, 302. It gives a meaningful statement like Unexpected Indent, Syntax incorrect)
  • Lot of help available online (YouTube channels, Blogs etc.…)

And yes, this is your stepping stone to Machine Learning!!!

The wait is now over and I have started using Python

In the upcoming posts, I will share my experience writing our lucky charm of practicals in college, FIBONACCI series.  Read along and do share your feedback.

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