Journey from Customer Satisfaction to Self-Satisfaction

Journey from Customer Satisfaction to Self-Satisfaction

Journey from Customer Satisfaction to Self-Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction to Self- Satisfaction

A Business analyst by profession, having spent nearly 15 years in consulting and solutioning the stakeholders what delights me or make me proud is how we convert the irate customer to an elate customer by addressing their pain areas and proactively solving their current and future needs.

Customer Satisfaction and delighted Stakeholders are big motivation for Business Analyst/Product Owner, Sales representatives, Managers and Customer Support.

What about Developers, Architects, Testers!!!!!

What are their driving factors, what keeps them motivated!!!!!!

They seldom get a chance to interact with end users, rarely get a chance to witness elated customer, but something still drives them crazy, makes them feel proud to be a developer or a tester!

To understand this better, I started writing codes to live the life of developer (Open programming languages such as Python helped me to experience it).

What is the result, what did I find?

Well, programming is not new for me, I started my career as a developer but as an amateur developer all I visualized were the challenges in it. Don’t forget the Semi colon, be careful with upper/Lower cases, If should have Else, Do should have While. Rules, rules, and more rules. This time I am writing code with a purpose to find out the life of a developer, so these rules didn’t stop me.

As I go deeper into writing code, I started getting a feel of achievement, a pride of unwinding a complex problem and most importantly I felt this without any third person, no appreciation, no recognition, not that delighted face of a customer, pleasing words from a stake holder.

However, this feel of achievement was even satisfying than Customer satisfaction. The reason is the drive the solve the problem is from within, all the hassle is within and finally the satisfaction is from within and called as SELF-SATISFACTION.

 And Self-Satisfaction is now motivating me to live longer the “Life of Developer”.

And the journey starts....


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